Demons Defense

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Suicidal Swine Stampede (Disciples)
Worse than the First (Disciples)
Mary's Seven Demons (Faith of our Fathers)
Seven Wicked Spirits (Faith of our Fathers)
Foul Spirit (J)
Evil Strength (J)
Pestering Spirit (Persecuted Church)
Rebellious Spirit (Persecuted Church)
Mist (Persecuted Church)
Tartaros (Persecuted Church)
Demon behind the Idol (Priests)
Evil Spawn (Priests)
Fallen Angel (Priests)
Deafening Spirit (Priests)
Evil Armor (Priests)
Pride Before Calamity (Priests)
Pride in Position (Priests)
Sinning Hand (Priests)
Wandering Spirit (Thesaurus)
The Gates of Hell (Thesaurus)

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