Why Alternative Rules

We love Redemption Tournaments and we have enjoyed supporting Cactus Game Design who has given us the game of Redemption. Because of that we are seeking to serve the Redemption community and Cactus by testing potential future rule changes on a larger scale. With that in mind, realize that these rules are not currently "official" at regular Cactus Sanctioned events, but are only being used by those hosts who choose to partner with Three Lions Gaming and host TLG Events. Each tournament season we will tweak the rules we use to provide a constantly evolving testing grounds for our players. We will not be messing with card interactions, issuing errata to cards, or modifying anything outside of the Alternative Rules listed below:


2015-2016 Tournament Season Rules 



1. Players draw 8 cards, place drawn Lost Souls in Land of Bondage, and redraw for any Lost Souls placed in Land of bondage until they have 8 cards.
2. The first opportunity to mulligan goes to the player who drew the most Lost Souls. Any ties are to be broken by dice roll or the like. After a player has completed the following steps OR declined the opportunity to mulligan THEN and only then is the opportunity given to the next player:
                    Grace // Player keeps any cards they choose from their opening hand and shuffles the cards being mulliganed back                                        into their draw pile.
                    Mercy // Player draws cards from the top of their deck equal to the number they shuffled, places drawn Lost Souls in                                      Land of Bondage, and redraws for any Lost Souls until the player has 8 cards.
3. Once players have had the opportunity to mulligan once, the game begins as normal with the option to go first being given to the player who drew the most Lost Souls. Any ties are to be broken by dice roll or the like. 


Top Cut

All TLG Events will utilize Top Cut after the prescribed number of Swiss rounds have been completed. Top Cut is a playoff of sorts where players are seeded according to their current tournament standings and play in a single elimination tournament to determine the Champion of the event. Below are the minimum rounds to play with increasing attendance levels and Top Cut brackets (State/Region = Rounds +1  Champ = Rounds +2):


                              Players          Swiss            Top Cut                     Players           Swiss            Top Cut

                              2                    1Round        Swiss Only                13-20              5 Rounds     Top 4

                              3-4                 2 Rounds     Swiss Only                21-32              5 Rounds     Top 8

                              5-8                 3 Rounds     Swiss Only                33-64              6 Rounds     Top 8

                              9-12              4 Rounds      Top 4                         65-128            7 Rounds     Top 8


In the event of a match timing out in Swiss play, the player who went second at the beginning of the match will complete their current or next turn (if the other player is within their turn), and if scores are still tied, a tie will be issued which results in a “half win”. In the event of a match timing out in Top Cut play, the player who went second at the beginning of the match will complete their current or next turn (if the other player is within their turn), and if scores are still tied, players will continue to play until the next soul is rescued which will advance the rescuing player and will eliminate the surrendering player from the tournament.


One Deck / Deck List Check-In

All TLG Events will utilize a one deck check-in rule in order to streamline the deck check-in process. All players in Open Categories will be required to submit a deck list upon turning in their deck for check-in. At that point the official deck checkers will match the players deck with deck list prior to the event beginning.  Any discrepancies will need to be corrected before the player is allowed to enter official competition. Deck lists will be collected by TLG with the assumption that they will be posted online and used for pricing by TLG.  Find the form HERE!


Play Categories Modified

There will be no multiplayer categories during TLG Events outside of Teams and Sealed Teams. Sealed Teams is a new category in which Teams get two identical Starter decks and six Packs of their choosing. The Teams have half an hour to construct and sleeve their two decks using their Starters and Packs collectively as one card pool to construct from. Sealed Deck play deck building has been modified a bit in that players are not paired until after their decks are built and therefore will not have the opportunity to trade with their first opponent and must construct from just the contents of their Starter and Packs. Booster Draft is now a two-player event where players draft in pods of a maximum of 6 people. Once players have drafted they will be paired randomly as any other style of play in two-player matches. In both types of Close play any number of the same card can be used in deck building as long as the prescribed number of Lost Soul cards are present in the final deck; however, Official Cactus rules about duplicate cards in play still apply.


Wins, Losses, and Lost Souls

The points system will be replaced with matches being reported and paired using the players win/loss record alone (as noted above, ties are recorded as a “half-win”). If a player would be issued a BYE during the event it will be scored as a full WIN with a ZERO Lost Soul differential. If a player more than 5 minutes late to a round, they will be issued a LOSS. If a player leaves an event early they will be removed from the event. Any identical win/loss records at the conclusion of Swiss play of an event will be reconciled and seeded using the soul differential (number of souls a player rescued minus the number of souls that player surrendered), head to head outcome, then their opponents strength (combined win/loss record), then Top Cut will begin. A player’s record in Swiss play (win/loss and Lost Soul differential) is cumulative but Top Cut play is single elimination.


Awarding Prizes

At the conclusion of your event (or at the conclusion of each category), you will reward players who have the best records with your chosen prize support. Below are the TLG minimum prizes to be awarded per category:

Level of Play             1st Place                                           2nd Place                                               3rd Place _______________________________
Circuit/State             Playmat + 1 Pack or 1 Box             2 $5 PCs or 6 Packs or 3 Boxes          1 $5 PC or 3 Packs or 2 Boxes
Regional                    Playmat + 5 Packs or 3 Boxes       4 $5 PCs or 10 Packs or 6 Boxes        2 $5 PCs or 5 Packs or 3 Boxes

Championship         Playmat + 10 Packs or 6 Boxes     8 $5 PCs or 20 Packs or 12 Boxes      4 $5 PCs or 10 Packs or 6 Boxes


(PCs are the Price Certificates if you choose that option. Cash option is explained on Host Application page.)

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