Drafting Redemption in LackeyCCG Tutorial


This page should provide enough information to allow you run a Redemption booster draft on LackeyCCG.


Set up

If you have not previously played booster draft in LackeyCCG, you will need to do the pack configuration setup. The steps to do this are as follows...

  • Download the pack configuration and image files from MegaUpload . These files are in an archived zip.

  • Make sure LackeyCCG is not running.

  • In your LackeyCCG/plugins/Redemption folder there sill be a folder named packs. Delete this folder.

  • Unzip the zip archive in your LackeyCCG/plugins/Redemption folder, creating a new packs folder.

  • Setup is done. Yay!

Join a Game

This probably goes without saying, but if you want to play booster you need to find people to play draft against. Probably the easiest way to do this is to pre-arrange something with three other players. You can also use the game matching server. Do this by clicking on the "Server" tab in LackeyCCG, and then click on the "Connect to game matching server!" button (see figure 1).

Figure 1


This will bring up the game matching server page. Click on the "Host a game..." button. When the dialog box appears, modify the game name to let people know you want to play booster (see figure 2). You should also bump the number of seats in the game to 4 (because 3 player booster is barely booster at all). Now wait for people to join in.

Figure 2


Once people have joined your game, elect a table shepherd. This person will control the exchanges of hands. You should also decide as a group what packs to use in booster.


Opening a Pack

To open a pack. you start by clicking on the Deck Editor tab. In the middle of the deck editor screen, there is a Card Pool sub-tab. Click on that sub-tab (see figure 3).

Figure 3


The card pool screen will have a button named "Add a pack or random deck." Click on this button to bring up the pack dialog window. The left hand side of the packs dialog will show a list of all the Redemption booster packs that are available (along with the Starters I and J which are used for Sealed). Select the pack you are currently drafting. Make sure the quantity is set to "x1." Make sure the "Send directly to:" option is set to "Hand." Click the "Send directly to:" button (see figure 4).

Figure 4



When you click the "Send directly to: Hand" button LackeyCCG will shift you to the game screen. Your hand should now be filled with the cards from the pack. The log show which pack each player has opened. Each player should now pick out a card and discard it by either dragging the card to the Discard zone or by right-clicking on the card and selecting Send to top of > Discard. (In the future there will be a separate Pile zone, but for now we chose Discard, because cards in discard are not viewable by the owner or other players, which is the booster standard.)


When all players have discarded the card of their choice, the table shepherd is responsible for having each player pass cards to his right or left. This is done by typing the command "/exchangeclockwise" or "/exchangecounterclockwise"e in the command bar to force the exchange left or right, respectively. Figure 5 shows key pieces of the draft process, and a sample exchange command.

Figure 5


The discard and exchange process continues until all cardsfrom a given pack have been drafted. Each player will go and select their next pack, and the process starts anew (with the table shepherd forcing exchanges in the opposite direction).


Building a Deck

When all of the packs have been opened and all cards distributed, it is time to build your deck! Each player starts by clicking on the Discard zone tab, which will contain all of the cards you selected in the draft. You now need to select all of those cards and move them back to your hand. (Sorry 'bout that, it is just the way that Lackey works.) Now switch back to your hand, and you should see all of your cards. On the command line type the command /copyzonetocardpool (see figure 6) and hit enter. This will copy the cards to the Card Pool that you can build a deck out of.

Figure 6


Now click on the Deck Editor tab. If you are not already there, click on the Card Pool sub-tab. This should contain all of the cards you selected. You now need to click one more time on the "Add pack or random deck"e; button. When the dialog comes up, select the pack named "Booster Draft Souls" and click the "Choose" button to send a selection of 8  non-SA Lost Souls to your Card Pool. (See figure 7.)

Figure 7


Now build your deck as normal, selecting the cards from your Card Pool. When you are done click on the button under the deck area named "Load entire deck to you". This will clear the game state and load this as your new deck. Wait for everyone else to finish, and then play some booster.

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