Why should you become a TLG Event Organizer?


Becoming a TLG Event Organizer will give you access to the lowest prices we will ever offer on sealed Redemption product!

On top of that, you will receive discounts on all of our event hosting packages and other exclusive benefits for EO's only.

Lowest Sealed Product Prices


These prices are so low, we cannot advertise them here. Please contact us (you will have to sign/return a non-disclosure agreement before we can send our pricing) for more information regarding our prices on all the sealed product you will need to host your next Redemption CCG tournament.

Event Hosting Package Discounts


You will be able to host TLG events for 20% off the current hosting package prices. For every event, you will be paying below face value. As an example, our Circuit Event includes $15 in prize certificates and a $15 "Champion" playmat which you will get for only $20 as an official TLG Event Organizer. 

Exclusive Products Just For EO's


Our exclusive products will include one of a kind items, current and retired "Champion" playmats, and other TLG products we have not even dreamed up yet. We will be looking to our EO's for ideas as to new products you would like to see as well as input on the layout and look of upcoming TLG tokens.

What is involved in becoming a TLG Event Organizer?


You must agree to the following conditions and then pay a $60 one year membership fee (renewable for $30 thereafter).

  • Only use your Event Organizer sealed product discounts to purchase product for events you are hosting.

  • You must also schedule and host three TLG events within the timeframe of your one year membership. 

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