We're introducing something brand new:

Available for the first time is a TLG Monthly Subscription, which gives you access to the biggest deals we offer every month.

You'll be one of the few who will be able to get a complete Prophecies of Christ common set (plus seven rares), the Nationals Son of God/New Jerusalem pair, a grab bag valued over $200, or many other amazing deals for only $25 each with free shipping! To top it off, you'll be able to add anything else you'd like to that monthly shipment with no additional shipping costs.

What if you don't want one of the deals? No worries! We will send out a list of your options each month so that you can choose from deals that are left over from previous months and one or more new deals that are available. When you reply back with your choice, we'll send the cards out.

If there is a month when you just don't like any of the choices or have something specific you do want, you can roll it to the next month or use it for $25 worth of cards of your choice - we'll never force you to use it. But if you decide these deals are just incredibly amazing and want more than one each month, you can always add a second subscription or send an additional $25 for that month.

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