Welcome to the Official Home of

Redemption Nationals; August 4-6, 2016!


We are excited about hosting you this year at our facilities located between Cincinnati and Dayton on Interstate 75. Whether you are driving or flying, staying in a hotel or staying at the church; we will be blessed to have you with in early August. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the church office or send me an e-mail at centervillegamingco@live.com.



Host Facilities


Location: Crosspointe Church of Christ

Address: 5630 State Route 122

City/State/Zip: Middletown, OH  45005

Phone: (513) 423-0188 x23


Summary: Located just one mile east of

Interstate 75 on State Route 122, the 

Crosspointe building has a full size gym,

a commercial kitchen, small shower
facilities, and plenty of space to spread
out and enjoy yourself for the weekend. 



Official Hotel


Location: Drury Inn & Suites

Address: 3320 Village Drive 

City/State/Zip: Middletown, OH 45005

Phone: (513) 425-6650


Summary: Located less than a half mile

west of Interstate 75 on State Route 122,

the Drury Inn offers a complimentary

hot breakfast and afternoon snacks. The

hotel also has an indoor/outdoor pool, a

hot tub and an exercise room, plus a

24-hour business center, laundry and
free Wi-Fi.


A block of room has been reserved at a rate of $105 a night which inlcludes all of the amenities listed above.
Each room has two Queen beds which makes them ideal for sharing and splitting room costs for up to 4 people. 
To make your reservation, please click this link: https://www.druryhotels.com/Reservations.aspx?groupno=2267941



Airline Options


Those flying to Nationals 2016 have two options for airports and several options when it comes to airline carriers at each:


1. You can fly into the Dayton International Airport.


2. You can fly into the Covington (Cincinnati) International Airport.


Regardless where you are flying into, we are more than willing to offer you a shuttle to the hotel once you arrive. Please be sure that when you are pre-registering that you choose one of the two options for a shuttle depending on where you are flying in.



Events Schedule


Open Deck categories (Type-1, Type-2, Teams, Type-A): $10 each

Closed Deck* categories (Sealed, Booster): $15 each

You pay full price for 1 category and half price for your other 2 categories that are equal or lower priced.

(ex/ Sealed Deck is $15 so then Type-1 2-Player is half price at $5 for a total of $20 for both events)

*You keep all cards in the Closed Deck categories.


The schedule is as follows (20 minutes between all rounds):

Thursday //  Doors open at 8A.M. and play starts at 9A.M.

>>Type-2 Multiplayer 

>>Booster Draft 

We will try to be done by 6P.M. including the lunch break.


Friday // Doors open at 8A.M. and play starts at 9A.M.

>>Type-1 2-Player 

>>Type-2 2-Player 

>>Type-A** 2-Player 

 We will try to be done by 8P.M. including the lunch break.

** To play you must be 12 or younger and have no RNRS points.


Saturday // Doors open at 8A.M. and play starts at 9A.M.

>>Type-1 Multiplayer 

>>Sealed Deck 


We will try to be done by 4P.M. including the lunch break.


At the conclusion of the weekend's events, we will have an Awards Presentation.


Rounds played per category will be determined by the number of players registered in each category.



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