ARK: Complete Deck

Pitch and Gopher Wood (Cloud of Witnesses)
Christian Martyr (I)
Vain Philosophy (J)
Angel of the Lord (I)
Son of God (G)
Lost Soul (Acts 16:22) (Early Church)
Lost Soul (Ecclesiastes 10:3) (Rock Of Ages)
Lost Soul (Ezekiel 31:14) (Warriors)
Lost Soul (Ezekiel 34:6) (Priests)
Lost Soul (James 1:15) (Angel Wars)
Lost Soul (Jeremiah 13:10) (Priests)
Lost Soul (Jeremiah 7:18) (H)
Eve (Disciples)
Ham (Cloud of Witnesses)
Japheth (Cloud of Witnesses)
Noah's Wife (Cloud of Witnesses)
Shem (Cloud of Witnesses)
Dove (E)
Eve's Descendant (Disciples)
Faith Among Corruption (Cloud of Witnesses)
Obedience of Noah (Un/Limited)
Sign of the Rainbow (E)
The Dove Returns (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Noah (Cloud of Witnesses)
Abel (Cloud of Witnesses)
Enoch (Cloud of Witnesses)
Noah (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Abel (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Enoch (Cloud of Witnesses)
A New Beginning (Patriarchs)
Abel's Sacrifice (Patriarchs)
Creation of the World (Patriarchs)
Noah's Ark (Promos)
Cain (Cloud of Witnesses)
Corrupt People (Cloud of Witnesses)
Messenger of Satan (Apostles)
Prince of this World (Warriors)
Silly Women (Women)
Spirit of Doubt (Angel Wars)
Violent Men (Cloud of Witnesses)
Wicked People (Cloud of Witnesses)
Wizards (Prophets)
Bad Intentions (F)
Cain Murders Abel (Cloud of Witnesses)
Confusion (Prophets)
Continuous Evil (Cloud of Witnesses)
Death of Unrighteous (Patriarchs)
Disobedience (Patriarchs)
Forgotten History (Priests)
Misuse of Talents (F)
Palsy (Apostles)
Wickedness Abounds (Cloud of Witnesses)
Garden of Eden (F)
The Flood (Cloud of Witnesses)
Destruction of Nehushtan (Patriarchs)
Guardian of Your Souls (Apostles)
  • Details

    The ARK deck is a Blue/Green Offense and a Pale Green Defense, all themed around Pre-Flood and Flood Survivors and featuring a copy of the Noah's Ark National Promo.

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