Believers Offense

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Good Samaritan (Apostles)
Zaccheus (Apostles)
Fishers of Men (Apostles)
Lazarus (Disciples)
Watchful Servant (Disciples)
Hospitality of Martha (Disciples)
Kindness (Disciples)
The Prodigal Returns (Disciples)
Faith As A Mustard Seed (Disciples)
Fall Like Lightning (Disciples)
Seeker of the Lost (Persecuted Church)
House in Bethany (Rock Of Ages)
The Generous Widow (Rock Of Ages)
Convincing Miracle (Rock Of Ages)
Repentance and Restitution (Rock Of Ages)
Samaritan Water Jar (Thesaurus)
Martha (Thesaurus)
The Woman at the Well (Thesaurus)
Meeting the Messiah (Thesaurus)
Mary of Bethany (Women)

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