Egyptians Defense

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The Deceived Pharaoh (Cloud of Witnesses)
The Hard-Hearted Pharaoh (Cloud of Witnesses)
Egyptian Treasures (Cloud of Witnesses)
No Straw! (Cloud of Witnesses)
Egyptian Warden (Faith of our Fathers)
Huge Egyptian (Faith of our Fathers)
Pharaoh's Baker (Faith of our Fathers)
Pharaoh's Cupbearer (Faith of our Fathers)
Egyptian Spear (Faith of our Fathers)
Ruthless (Faith of our Fathers)
Egyptian Horsemen (H)
Begging to go Back (H)
Egyptian Archer (Kings)
Joseph's Brothers' Scheme (Patriarchs)
Moses kills Egyptian (Patriarchs)
Pagan Sacrifices (Priests)
Pithom (Promos)
Given Over to Egypt (Rock Of Ages)
Queen Tahpenes (Rock Of Ages)
Egyptian Horses (Rock Of Ages)

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