Event Organizer One-Year Membership

By purchasing this Event Organizer (hereafter EO) One-Year Membership you are agreeing to the following: You will only use your EO sealed product discount to purchase product to be used for events you are hosting. You are not allowed to share, distribute, post, or otherwise tell anyone the prices you are paying for sealed product with your EO discount. You are also required to schedule and host 3 TLG events within the context of your one-year membership. You must complete your three TLG events (schedule/host/report) by the end of your one-year membership which is the same as the purchase date of the EO membership. If you fail to comply with any of the listed conditions, your membership can be terminated and all EO privileges can be revoked without any refund. After the first year of your EO membership and thereafter, you are eligible to renew your one-year membership for $30 a year.  

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