Herods Defense

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Archelaus (Disciples)
Herod Philip II (Disciples)
Herod the Great (Disciples)
Beheaded (Disciples)
Escape to Egypt (Disciples)
Imprisoned (Disciples)
Massacre of Innocents (Disciples)
Herod's Sentries (Early Church)
Herod Agrippa I (Early Church)
Apprehended (Early Church)
Herod's Sword (Early Church)
Abandonment (Early Church)
Bernice (Persecuted Church)
Herod's Praetorium (Persecuted Church)
Herod Agrippa II (Thesaurus)
Salome (Thesaurus)
Herod's Treachery (Thesaurus)
Rash Oath (Thesaurus)
Herod's Dungeon (Thesaurus)
Herodias (Un/Limited)

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