Patriarchs Offense

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Sign of the Rainbow (E)
Jacob (Israel) (Cloud of Witnesses)
Joseph (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Jacob (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Joseph (Cloud of Witnesses)
Benjamin (Faith of our Fathers)
Rachel (Faith of our Fathers)
Simeon (Faith of our Fathers)
Zebulun (Faith of our Fathers)
Answer to Prayer (Faith of our Fathers)
Joseph Before Pharaoh (Faith of our Fathers)
Reuben's Torn Clothes (Faith of our Fathers)
Book of Hozai (Kings)
Ehud's Dagger (Kings)
Goshen (Promos)
Cup of Wrath (Prophets)
Stone Pillar at Bethel (Rock Of Ages)
Asher (Rock Of Ages)
Levi (Rock Of Ages)
Judah (Thesaurus)

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