Pharisees Defense

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Unholy Writ (Apostles)
Saul/Paul (Apostles)
Pharisees (Red Border) (Apostles)
Pharisees (Tan Border) (Apostles)
Love of Money (Cloud of Witnesses)
Hard-Hearted Religious Leaders (Disciples)
Stone Throwers (Disciples)
Scribe (Disciples)
Tenants Kill the Son (Disciples)
Self-Righteous Prayer (Disciples)
The Sanhedrin (Early Church)
Stoning of Stephen (Early Church)
Balaam's Disobedience (Patriarchs)
The Egyptian Rebel (Persecuted Church)
High Priest's Palace (Priests)
False Peace (Prophets)
Just a Hireling (Rock Of Ages)
Night Raid (Rock Of Ages)
The Entrapping Pharisees (Thesaurus)
Pretension (Thesaurus)

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