Individual Pack - Lineage of Christ


Though these packs have not been opened, I am fairly certain that they do not contain any ultra rare cards. Once we receive the second printing Lineage of Christ packs, we will ship those out. Until then, you can purchase a Lineage of Christ pack that contains a rare, and we'll send you a bonus set of 10 non-LoC cards from a pack we opened free! So you'll end up with 1 rare LoC, 4 common/legacy rare LoC, and 20 other cards for the $5 pack price.


The Lineage of Christ contains 240 new cards plus 18 Legacy rare cards:
6 Ultra Rare
72 Rare
162 Common
18 Legacy Rare

Each card pack contains
4 common or Legacy rare cards
1 rare or ultra-rare card


The approximate card mix for remaining 10 cards is
2 character cards (cross or dragon icon) either Apostles or Angel Wars
2 cards from Kings
3 cards from Patriarchs
3 4th Edition cards (either the I & J starters or the tin #26 pack)

Each Display box includes two new ultra-rare cards as part of the 24 card packs.

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