Warriors Offense

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The Battle is the Lord's (Faith of our Fathers)
A Soldier's Prayer (Thesaurus)
Joab (Cloud of Witnesses)
David, the Shepherd (Cloud of Witnesses)
David's Triumph (Disciples)
Holy Ground (F)
Army of Simeonites (Faith of our Fathers)
Caleb (Faith of our Fathers)
Heldai (Faith of our Fathers)
Men of Judah (Faith of our Fathers)
David's Mighty Men (Faith of our Fathers)
Abishai (Kings)
Battle Cry (Patriarchs)
Sing and Praise (Priests)
Ahimelek the Hittite (Rock Of Ages)
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite (Rock Of Ages)
Uriah the Hittite (Rock Of Ages)
Bravery of David (Rock Of Ages)
Warrior's Spear (Rock Of Ages)
Asahel (Thesaurus)

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