Judges Offense

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Wool Fleece (Cloud of Witnesses)
Gideon (Cloud of Witnesses)
Samson, the Nazirite (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Gideon (Cloud of Witnesses)
Faith of Samson (Cloud of Witnesses)
Ibzan (Faith of our Fathers)
Deborah's Directive (Faith of our Fathers)
Moses (G)
Jephthah (J)
Gideon's Call (J)
Samson's Strength (J)
Sword against Sword (Kings)
Judge's Seat (Rock Of Ages)
Ehud (Rock Of Ages)
Eli the Priest (Rock Of Ages)
Jair (Rock Of Ages)
Ehud's Dagger (Rock Of Ages)
Samuel's Edict (Rock Of Ages)
Capturing Canaan (Rock Of Ages)
Deborah (Un/Limited)

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