When Christ took his final breath on the cross, the earth shook, the sky went dark, the dead were raised, the curtain in the temple was torn...  
The Animo: Cross Trainers expansion picks up where Series 1 left off- the resurrection of Christ.  The underlying theme of this series (which you'll find influencing the verses, items and story cards), refers to the events after the resurrection.  The story cards begin with the Ascension of Jesus into heaven and follow the events of the early church and letters of Paul.   It's no surprise that a new Animo kind (Spirit-filled) and power (the Holy Spirit) is introduced in this expansion.   Also, new to this expansion: Truth Seekers-  playable characters which change the style and strategy based on the ability they provide.  This provides limitless strategic and deck building possibilities and keeps the game fresh and constantly changing!  Also new to the series is the addition of the fellowship bonus.  Strategically activated Animo will unlock powerful combos when activated with Animo of a different kind!  FINALLY, the Cross Trainers expansion will introduce support for up to 4 players (Sharpen Your Sword), which was previously only a 2 player game.  Our hope and prayer is that this expansion not only offers great fun and depth from a game-play perspective, but it continues to serve as a tool that keeps kids and adults engaged in the study, memorization, sharing, and living out of God's word.  Our prayer is that it continues to point those who hold these cards in their hands to the one who paid the ultimate price out of love for us:  Jesus Christ.  He is the real GAME CHANGER.