CT: Truth Seeker Deluxe Collector's Box


TRUTH SEEKERS WANTED! A Truth Seeker is one who searches and studies scripture to learn truth and share that truth with others. Helping them in their quest are the Animo: fictional characters which represent the battle that wages in the hearts and minds of Truth Seekers every day! They come in all shapes and sizes; good and bad- each one teaching a different passage from scripture. As you embark on your journey to encounter new Animo and learn more scripture, do you have what it takes to hide God's word in your heart? Are you willing to put it into action? Are you ready to become a TRUTH SEEKER?! The Truth Seeker Deluxe Collector's Box includes the following: 1- Collectors Box (perfect for card and deck storage), 18 Power Cards, 1 double-sided poster playmat, and 6 Cross Trainers (Series 2) Booster Packs!

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