WAR: Complete Deck

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The WAR deck is a Red/Clay Offense and a Gray Defense, all themed around N.T. Warrior Class Characters and featuring the full Armor of God.

Destruction of Nehushtan (Patriarchs)
Guardian of Your Souls (Apostles)
Christian Martyr (J)
Strife (I)
Angel of the Lord (J)
Son of God (F)
Lost Soul (2 Chronicles 15:4) (Kings)
Lost Soul (2 Samuel 23:6) (Priests)
Lost Soul (Acts 11:18) (Apostles)
Lost Soul (Jeremiah 11:8) (Rock Of Ages)
Lost Soul (Luke 15:13) (Disciples)
Lost Soul (Luke 15:6) (J)
Lost Soul (Matthew 19:23) (Priests)
Uproar in Jerusalem (Persecuted Church)
Shoes of Peace (Persecuted Church)
Sword of the Spirit (Persecuted Church)
Gamaliel's Speech (Early Church)
Belt of Truth (Persecuted Church)
Shield of Faith (Persecuted Church)
Cornelius (Early Church)
Soldier of God (Persecuted Church)
Helmet of Salvation (Persecuted Church)
Breastplace of Righteousness (Persecuted Church)
Stormy Seas (Persecuted Church)
Centurion at Jerusalem (Persecuted Church)
Claudius Lysias (Persecuted Church)
Emperor Claudius (Persecuted Church)
Emperor Tiberius (J)
Emperor Vitellius (Rock Of Ages)
Emporer Caius Caligula (Early Church)
Julius the Centurion (Persecuted Church)
Porcius Festus (Persecuted Church)
Roman Spearmen (Persecuted Church)
Arrest in Jerusalem (Persecuted Church)
Arrest in Philippi (Early Church)
Coliseum Lions (J)
Crucify Him! (J)
Heavy Taxes (Faith of our Fathers)
Roman Whip (J)
The Roman Jailer (Early Church)
Paul's Belt (Persecuted Church)
Alexandrian Ship (Persecuted Church)
Wall of Protection (Apostles)
Sword of the Spirit (Cloud of Witnesses)
The Centurion at Calvary (Disciples)
The Centurion at Capernaum (Thesaurus)
A Soldier's Prayer (Thesaurus)
Centurion's Proclamation (Disciples)
The Battle is the Lord's (Faith of our Fathers)
Walking on Water (Promos)
Christian Soldier (female) (Persecuted Church)
Christian Soldier (male) (Persecuted Church)
Paladin (Persecuted Church)
Saint of Virtue (Persecuted Church)
Roman Spear (Persecuted Church)
Fortress of Antonia (Early Church)

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