Assyrians Defense

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Death of Unrighteous (Patriarchs)
Disobedience (Patriarchs)
Nimrod, the Mighty (Cloud of Witnesses)
The Rabshakeh's Threats (Disciples)
Assyria's Tribute (Faith of our Fathers)
Assyrian Siege Army (Faith of our Fathers)
Assyrian Survivor (Faith of our Fathers)
King Asnappar (Faith of our Fathers)
The Tartan (Faith of our Fathers)
Captured by Assyria (Faith of our Fathers)
King Tiglath-Pileser III (Kings)
Plunderers (Kings)
Two Thousand Horses (Kings)
Achan's Sin (Patriarchs)
King Sargon II (Priests)
Assyrian Camp (Priests)
The Assyrian Spoilers (Rock Of Ages)
The Rabsaris (Rock Of Ages)
Assyrian Conquers Israel (Rock Of Ages)
The Rabsaris Attacks (Rock Of Ages)

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