Philistines Defense

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King Achish (Cloud of Witnesses)
Philistine Armor Bearer (Faith of our Fathers)
The Twelve-Fingered Giant (Faith of our Fathers)
Bringing Fear (Faith of our Fathers)
Goliath's Armor (Faith of our Fathers)
Ishbibenob (I)
Lahmi (I)
Saph (I)
Ishbibenob's Spear (I)
Ishbibenob's Sword (I)
Lahmi's Spear (I)
Wickedness of Delilah (I)
Fallen Warrior (Kings)
Goliath's Spear (Kings)
Altar of Dagon (Patriarchs)
Philistine Garrison (Thesaurus)
Land Dispute (Thesaurus)
Overwhelmed by Philistines (Thesaurus)
Philistine Outpost (Thesaurus)
Goliath (Un/Limited)

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