Royalty Defense

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Michal (Cloud of Witnesses)
Provoked (Cloud of Witnesses)
Samaria (D)
King Rehoboam (Disciples)
Stiff-Necked (Faith of our Fathers)
Sin in the Camp (I)
King Omri (Kings)
Chemosh (Kings)
Haman's Plot (Patriarchs)
Korah's Rebellion (Patriarchs)
King Ahaziah (Persecuted Church)
King Jeroboam II (Persecuted Church)
Plagued with Diseases (Priests)
Samaria (Priests)
Dungeon of Malchiah (Prophets)
King Ahab (Rock Of Ages)
King Jehoash (Rock Of Ages)
Jezebel (Rock Of Ages)
Broken Cisterns (Rock Of Ages)
Gates of Samaria (Rock Of Ages)

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