Magicians Defense

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Messenger of Satan (Apostles)
Misuse of Talents (F)
Medium in Endor (Cloud of Witnesses)
Mimicking Miracles (Cloud of Witnesses)
King Manasseh (Disciples)
Balaam (Disciples)
Disturbing Samuel's Spirit (Disciples)
Magicians' Snakes (Disciples)
Elymas the Sorcerer (Early Church)
Pride of Simon (Early Church)
Invoking Terror (Faith of our Fathers)
The Judean Mediums (Persecuted Church)
Wizard (Persecuted Church)
Crooked Ways (Persecuted Church)
Confusion of Mind (Priests)
Magic Charms (Thesaurus)
Enchanter (Thesaurus)
Astrologers (Thesaurus)
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (Thesaurus)
Divination (Thesaurus)

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