Fearless Booster Pack

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"FEAR NOT" is the most frequently recurring command in the Bible, yet one of the hardest to actually follow.  The Animo: FEARLESS expansion introduces 118 all-new collectible game cards, including 12 alternate, full-art cards and over 40 holographic cards to collect! The cards in the FEARLESS expansion focus on scripture that specifically refers to courage, hope, faith, and generally overcoming fear and worry. Each booster pack contains 12 scripture-packed game cards from the FEARLESS set. *Packs include 6 common cards, 4 uncommon, 1 foil card (Rare or Super Rare), and 1 power card. **The different artwork on the outer sleeve of the booster pack has no bearing on the cards that are inside the pack- it is just for variety purposes and packs are randomly assigned

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