Grab Bag


Looking to add a bunch of cards to your collection at a fraction of the cost? Look no further!

While most cards will be commons, we'll be sure to include some rares (and ultra rares in the Classic bags). Most importantly, if you choose a grab bag with 1,000 cards, you can be sure you'll receive 1,000+ unique cards! We always shoot for a few extra just in case we counted wrong. ;-)

Grab bags could be very similar to each other or completely different, so if you want the most variety be sure to choose the option with the number of unique cards you actually want instead of choosing multiple smaller ones. We want you to be pleased with your purchase!

Classic grab bags may include cards from any expansion.
Rotation grab bags only includes cards from the I/J starter decks and newer. These are the cards that are allowed in all tournament play, while the Classic option will include cards that are not tournament-legal at the State, Regional, or National level. Of course, many are still a lot of fun to play with in casual play!

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